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STEM Greenpower Racing Team

Archie Moore, Leo Wildman, Sam Potter, Maddie Bennie and Morien Steinhardt shone as a team on the 21st July 2018, under the management of Harry Jasper.

Headline race results were:

Race 1 – 90 minutes –  13th overall –  6th in our “kit car” category – out of 34 cars total

Race 2 – 90 minutes – 8th overall – 4th in our “kit car” category – out of 30 cars total

Hello to all,

You probably don’t already know that the Greenpower Team are travelling to Wiltshire to race the recently more highly geared electric race-car, named Riptide. At Castle Combe professional racetrack we are all hoping to get 4th or 3rd place, bearing in mind that this is an international f24 + racing competition! We shall be up against many other international teams such as: Poland, France and possibly some teams from Scotland. This is a big competition and means a lot to be placed 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th in the kit car racing category. For us, just being able to travel such far distances across the country, 206miles] to be exact, would not be possible if it wasn’t for our supportive staff – Miss Ferris and Mr West. They are taking their time out of their weekend [and sleep] to come and support us at this big international event so a big shout out to them! As it is a big drive up to Castle Combe we shall be leaving St Ives at around midday on Saturday. We will hopefully arrive, depending on the traffic, at around 6:00 then we shall be pitching our tents. We hope to have a good night’s sleep and wake up to a lovely sunny morning, next to the race track! Then we get the car set up for the big tiring day ahead! Another big shout to our supportive staff at St Ives for making this opportunity of a lifetime possible!

Thank you for your time.

Written by Archie and presented to you by the GreenPower Team.