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From The Head of School

(Mr James Butterworth)

St Ives School is a thriving 11-16 comprehensive school serving the community of St Ives and the surrounding villages. We offer the highest quality teaching, coupled with an extremely broad and varied choice of extra-curricular clubs and opportunities. We have high expectations and standards for every member of our school community: staff and students.

As a result, we are rated by Ofsted as a ‘Good’ school with a very rare ‘Outstanding’ rating for the quality of leadership in the school. We are very proud of our consistently excellent track record of supporting our students to make outstanding progress: for the last 5 years, outcomes for our school leavers aged 16 have been amongst the highest in Cornwall and well above national averages.

Our dedicated and committed staff ensure that every student is cared for, supported and encouraged to give their best and achieve their best. We are a small and inclusive community that at its heart values every child for who they are and what they can contribute. Our school ethos is founded in mutual respect: for each other and for our environment. Behaviour is excellent and we work closely with parents to ensure that every child is included and challenged to be the best they can be.

Our Values and Ethos

  • Inspiring Learning

We place the highest value on the quality of teaching. All lessons include a wide variety of activities to engage students and capture their interest. The high quality of teaching underpins the rapid progress of our students and is the cornerstone of our school’s success.

  • Ambition and Aspiration

We have high aspirations for every child and ensure that the high quality education and opportunities we offer mean that every child achieves their full potential.  Our high aspirations underpin our comprehensive career education programme and we ensure that students are extremely well prepared for future education in a complex and dynamic job market.

  • Support and Guidance

Our specialist team of staff offer a wide range of skills and expertise to support children. We care deeply for the children in our community and our dedicated and committed staff work alongside parents to support children at all stages of their education with us. Our intention is that every child’s experience of school is a happy and successful one and our staff will always go the extra mile to provide support, help and advice for children and families.

  • Respect

There are exceptionally strong working relationships between staff and students based on mutual respect and courtesy. We provide a positive climate for learning by recognising and rewarding students’ achievements and contributions. Our high expectations for behaviour are role modelled by our staff team and by our exceptional team of student prefects and as a result the conduct of our students is excellent.

  • In partnership with parents and carers.

The support of parents and carers is crucial to our students’ success and to the success of our school community. We work closely with parents to ensure students maintain the highest levels of attendance and achievement. Communication with parents is frequent and regular and staff are always available after school for meetings or phone calls. We listen carefully to feedback from parents and students and use their advice to ensure the school continues to improve, year on year.

  • Fostering talent

Our students have a wealth of talents and we run a carefully planned programme of additional activities and classes for students in our very successful High Performance Academy. The High Performance Academy is supported by Truro and Penwith College and brings national and international speakers, lecturers and coaches into the school to work with students. Our highly creative students are encouraged to express themselves through a wide range of creative design and performing arts opportunities. With strong support from parents, our students have achieved outstanding success on the sports field and we relish the opportunity to honour our strong community tradition of sporting excellence.

  • Widening Horizons

Our educational offer extends beyond the classroom so that children can develop their understanding of themselves and their sense of place in a complex global community. We offer an exceptionally broad range of extracurricular clubs, trips and activities which include local, national and international travel. We make sure that every child is included, challenged and successful.