On 23rd March, St Ives School held a tree-planting day to help increase biodiversity on the school grounds and teach students about conservation.

Over 200 trees were planted on school grounds, including a new hedgerow near the greenhouse and along the sides of the main field at the back of the school.


Led by Mrs. Trevororrow, a large number of students of all ages were involved in the event and worked together to plant silver birch, oak, rowan, grey willow, field maple, hawthorn and blackthorn trees. Students learned how to plant their saplings correctly and how to protect them from the elements and from animals by using canes and tubes. It was a brilliant opportunity for students to learn about the environment and to spend time working outdoors.

The Steeple Woodlands tree-nursery on school grounds has also been revived; some older trees have been taken to be planted in Steeple Woods and 60 new saplings have been placed in the nursery.

Mrs. Trevorrow said “I would just like to thank all the students for their efforts. Everyone came prepared to work hard and the day proved to be successful and fun.”