Creative Design Overview

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Creative Design Faculty Overview

The Creative Design Faculty offers a wide and dynamic curriculum throughout all year groups. Our enthusiastic, highly skilled, and dedicated team offers the following courses:

In Year 7 & 8 students study:

  • Art & Graphics
  • Design & Technology
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition

All students experience a range of materials and disciplines before selecting KS4 options:

In Years 9, 10 and 11 students can study:

  • GCSE Art & Design: Fine Art
  • GCSE Creative Design (Photography)
  • GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition
  • GCSE Art & Design: Graphic Communication
  • GCSE Design & Technology

We are very proud of our excellent standards, high expectations and outstanding outcomes. This has been consistently supported by Ofsted judgments and outstanding GCSE results.

Headline figure from2018 results clearly demonstrates our strengths: our GCSE 9-5 results are 19% above national average, and 9-8 18.6% above. This shows that students of all ability groups are supported and challenged within the department, and therefore prepared to fully maximize their potential.

We are very proud that our high number of students that progress Art & Design and D&T courses post 16 and University level.

The faculty appreciates the skills that our students hold, and are very proactive in entering competitions and events out of school. The aim being to develop student’s confidence, and foster an appreciation of the global nature of design opportunities and employment.

Examples of these activities include:  the Green-Car challenge, Falmouth University CreatED exhibition, Aluminum challenge, and Rotary Young Chef and Rotary Photography competition. St Ives School has excelled in these areas, and has a nationally recognized reputation for excellence:

  • CreatEd winners 2018: Textiles, Dance, Graphic Design & Creative Writing
  • CreatEd winner 2017: Textiles, Graphic Design & Creative Writing
  • PrintIT design challenge, winning the UK first prize on three occasions. Fair Trade National Design competition winners. Visited Paris for the Print Expo.
  • Green Car challenge- 5th position in South West, showing the greatest development over a year of all Cornish Schools.
  • Alu Design challenge national winners on three occasions and visited Norsk Hydro in Germany.
  • Design Museum – sustainable design challenge winner
  • Dulux National challenge- resulting in a £5000 prize to help redesign the Art studio.

Incorporating a community dynamic is prominent in our curriculum planning. We run collaborations with the Tate gallery, PBWC Architects in St Ives, Terrill Brothers in Hayle, St Ives School of Painting and the Leach Potter on many projects and career opportunities.