GCSE Exam success 2017

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Congratulations to the St Ives School Class of 2017

Staff and Governors at St Ives School are delighted to congratulate the Class of 2017 on their outstanding achievements in their GCSE exams.

Behind the achievements of each student are hours of preparation, energy, enthusiasm and hard work, the support of a dedicated and skilful team of staff and the encouragement and care of parents and families.

As students collect their results this morning and more information emerges about the national results, it is clear that our students have achieved very highly. This is the first year of new, much tougher Maths and English GCSEs with a new grading system which awards a top Grade 9 to only 2% of students nationally. Congratulations to all our Grade 9 students in English and Maths on achieving this exceptionally high standard.

The school is particularly proud of the outstanding results for students in Languages, History, Geography, Media Studies, Music, Art, Graphics, and Food Technology where well over 80% of students achieved grades A*-C. In Art, Photography, History and Music over half the grades were A* and As which is exceptional. Overall, around 1 in 5 grades were A* or A. We are extremely proud that the hard work and dedication of our talented students and staff, combined with huge support and determination from our parents and families has resulted in such a wealth and range of individual achievements. We congratulate every student on their achievements and wish them every success and happiness in the future.

More details of our students’ successes along with a breakdown of subject results will be available shortly.

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