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Head Teacher – Jan Woodhouse

Deputy Head (Aspiration and Achievement) – Gareth Armstrong

Assistant Head (Innovation & Effectiveness) – James Butterworth

Assistant Head (Inclusion & Welfare) – Carly Brown

Assistant Head (Innovation and Effectiveness) – Jon Hall

Assistant Head (Attendance and Community) – Nicki Lingard


Head of Lower School – Simon Stevens

Head of Upper School – Louise Clemson

Student support and Head of Year 9 – Matt Trevorrow

Student Welfare lead – Niki Wooders

English and Performing Arts – Jon Hall

Maths, IT, Computer Science – Kirsten Mack and Perran Griffin

Humanities & MFL – Melany Mugford

Science – Tom Crawford

PE – Matt Pound

Creative Design – Gizela Daemi-Rashidi

SENDCO – Carly Brown