Exam Invigilator

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Exam Invigilator/Reader Scribe

Grade 2 – £9.05 per hour

Casual basis determined by Exams Officer

Main Purpose of Job:
The post holder will assist the examinations team in the correct running and supervision of
examinations including, when necessary, assisting with the preparation of examination
rooms, completion of examination paperwork, attendance registers, invigilation reports,
collation of examination documentation.
Main Duties and Responsibilities:
 To assist in the preparation of the examination room ensuring that it meets the JCQ
 To manage candidates’ assembly in the examinations’ room/hall in an orderly
manner ensuring pupils are seated appropriately.
 To fully brief pupils to ensure that they are made fully aware of exam conditions
before the exam commences.
 To ensure the correct identification and registration of candidates.
 To act as a reader, scribe or prompt for allocated candidates as directed and trained
by the Exams Officer.
 To be responsible for opening papers and authorised materials and to distribute
these to candidates in accordance with the examination rules and regulations.
 To attend to late or unregistered candidates quickly and efficiently with minimum
disruption and in accordance with the examination rules and regulations.
 To notify candidates of exam start and finish times ensuring that efficient timekeeping
is maintained. To record all start and finish times in accordance with the examination
rules and regulations. To ensure students have clear sight of a clock within the exam
Exam Invigilator Job Description and Person Specification
 To respond to queries regarding paperwork and administration in accordance with
examination rules and regulations.
 To contact a named teacher/examinations manager in the event of candidates raising
concerns or difficulties in respect of an examination paper where a professional
judgement may be required. To report any concerns regarding the conduct/
administration of the examination to the exams officer.
 To supervise candidates in a quiet and unobtrusive manner.
 To notify the examinations manager of any disruptions that may occur.
 To ensure that examination is carried out strictly in accordance with the guidelines
set out by the Joint Examinations Board.
 To supervise any candidates who may need to leave the room in accordance with the
exam regulations.
 To ensure that exam conditions are maintained until candidates are dismissed.
 To collect and collate examination scripts ensuring no documents are left unattended
at any time and are promptly packaged and or delivered to the exams officer/person
responsible for examinations.
 To ensure that the room and desks are clear of unauthorised materials and in good
 To undertake training relating to the job as required.
 To undertake other related duties appropriate to the grading of the job as required.
 To be aware of and work in accordance with the school’s child protection policies and
procedures in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and to raise
any concerns relating to such procedures which may be noted during the course of
 The post holder is responsible for his/her own self-development on a continuous
 To be aware of and adhere to applicable rules, regulations, legislation and
procedures including the School’s Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Conduct,
and national legislation (including Health and Safety, Data Protection).
 To maintain confidentiality of information acquired in the course of undertaking duties
for the school.
 To maintain an awareness of Safeguarding Children and Every Child Matters
 To adhere to all school policies and procedures as relevant to the role including staff
dress code, use of social media and expectations for professional conduct.

Exam Invigilator Job Specification